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Originally posted by icequake2000
Does anyone know where you can get rid of videos. Is video vault any good thanks

they tend to be tough to get rid of for a reasonable sum......£1 or 2 is as much as you could get


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Buns forgets about ;)

By the time you've slapped on an extortionate £1.50 or £2 p&p charge you should get a few quid per video.

I gave mine away to friends & family who don't yet have a DVD player :) There were a hell of a lot but I couldn't be bothered selling them especially since tape is so easily damaged and when you sell people complain if things are not perfect (and rightfully so too). So was more hassle than it was worth to me and friends & family were grateful. Might get a few freebies off them in future as a result :D


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...or you could always try giving them to the local charity shop. I am sure the good people at Scope, Age Concern, Barnardos etc would welcome a few quality videos - or even stick them in the collecting sacks that get shoved through your door.

You never know when you or somebody you know will have need of their services at some time.

I'm off now to cure some sick children and feed a few thousand people with tuna sandwiches.

: o )


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oooooops.......forgot the postage! :blush:

another idea....... we have a place in town called cash converters. Apparently you can get money from them for this sort of stuff. The alternative is you sel the whole lot as a package for a small sum and hope to get lucky. It took me about 4 months to sell my lot, but eventually there will be someone with an interest.


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Car boot. I sold the lot in one go for about £180.

Started at say £4 each. Then reduced to job lots of 5 for £5 just to get rid.

Entrance was about £5.

I had all sorts from bought to recorded sky films. People just bought them even just so that they could have a tape to record on!

Good fun too.

I gave my last tape away to a young lad of about 10. He only had 50p on him poor soul.

Just hope that 'Zombie Blood Sucking Massacre With Gratitous Slaughter' didn't keep him awake at nights.:D


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Our local market has secondhand cd and DVD stalls, they are generally interested in collectors editions and unusual stuff (steady), like IOM TT races and concert footage, but will give you a small amount (usually about a quid ) for other titles or exchange them for secondhand DVD titles,.

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