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A colleague is looking for a VCR that will record subtitles so that his friends (who are hard of hearing) can still watch films that they have recorded.
Does anyone know of a current Model that can do this? I believe Panasonic used to but cannot find any info on what model numbers currently available still do this.
Please help if you can, thanks


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As far as I am aware, there are no current models available offering subtitle recording.

However, most, if not all SVHS vcrs will record subtitles. Because SVHS records a higher quality signal, it tends to capture the hidden teletext information carried in the signal. So, not only will you be able to bring up the subtitles from a recording, you can even find a particular teletext page.

You will need to have a teletext tv connected to the SVHS recorder for this to work, as there is no teletext decoder on the vcr. Prices for SVHS are very reasonable now - you can find them now for as little as £179. JVC and Sharp have cheap models available.

Hope this helps.


TiVo can record subtitals once the unit has updated it's software to version 2.5.
The update is automatic within a couple of days of setting up the unit.
For more details visit

TiVo can be bought from around £150 plus £10 per month or £200 one off subscription.


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Agree with Simon1 but would suggest that you buy one that has an inbuilt timebase corrector (the higher end JVC's do) as the increased stability of the signal improves the decode.

Bear in mind that if your 'friend/s' are using their own VCR, they, too, will require an SVHS machine (preferably with TBC).

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