videogames on Philips 58PFL9955H


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Hello. I've searched the internet all day and did not manage to find out usefull informations on how console videogames look like on the new Philips 58PFL9955H. From what I've read it would seem that the images on both Xbox 360 and PS3 games are not distorted in any way, but I'd like to be sure of that before buying one.

Videogames are the only thing I'm gonna use with this TV set so my question is if the original 16:9 ratio could be correct on the 21:9 cinema layout.
Some answers could help a lot.



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I'm not sure what you mean but if you are talking about the ratio you should be fine if a JUST SCAN or automatic setting is selected on the television.

Everything on the xbox on ps3 should be put on what your TV can do. For example the xbox has a way to automatically test what the best resolution is for your TV.


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I think the correct term is "crroped image", something like when you're watching 4:3 images on 16:9 HDTVs. English is not my native language so sorry if I got the wrong term.

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