Videogames from 20 years ago. If you knew then what you know now, would you have bought them?


old videogames mostly Nintendo Gamecube games from a decade or so ago.

If you knew then what you know now about certain videogames, would you have saved up a little bit of money back then at the time to buy them from stores like Kmart and Shopko?

games like Baten Kaitos Origins and Battalian Wars and whatever else?


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If it's Nintendo games on cartridge, without question or hesitation.

Looking at the ridiculous prices that cartridge games go for, especially rarer ones, I could think of early retirement.

I'd also be tracking down anything to do with SNES, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, etc.


Well, back then when Kmart stores were around there were some Gamecube game that I wanted but as usual prices for Gamecube games at Kmart were a bit spendy. Even though I wasnt into Fire Emblem much years ago, i wanted that one Fire Emblem game for the Gamecube.

Even Toys R Us years ago they had a good selection of Nintendo DS games but their prices were ridiculous


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I remember the Atari Jaguar flopping so hard that my local Game in Notts were offloading all their stock for £20 a console, with no limit. They had a few hundred of them for quite a long time.
If I knew then that games would become collectables I would have jumped at the chance.
But I was in my mid-late teens, so it was all drink and drugs back then and I never gave it a thought. :rotfl:


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You bet!! Would have kept one of these boxed up

Wow, I loved and hated this game, I’m crap at platformers but it was next level graphics etc at the time, I do wonder if people stuff now hoping it will sell in years. I remember when phantom menace came out and people were buying 3 of every action figure hoping they’d go like the original Kenner toys, unfortunately they make that many these days I doubt anyone will make significant money.


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I do wonder if people stuff now hoping it will sell in years.
Lots of people like that about, just look on Reddit.

But with the digital age now as well it really isn't worth it.

Buy as a collection to show off sure, but as an investment is silly.


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If I mentioned the name Geoff Crammond, would anyone recognise him without Googling, and what games he made? One in particular that even today stands the test of time in being an ultra realistic sim.


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I can remember going into gamestation in Chester and it had a few shelves at the back with gameboy advance games, loads of them, I remember them being cheap but why would I buy them!?
They were there for as long as I can remember until one time I went and all gone? I always thought did they just bin them to make space?
I need that time machine!


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20 years ago it was not so long ago, 20 years ago it was 2001, not 1991 - that's why I am surprised by the discussions about cartridges, when it was already the era of universal access to the PC. It was the golden age of gaming anyway. Diablo 2 is a game from 20 years ago, and I would buy it again anyway (I bought Diablo 2 resurrected anyway).
The first part of Max Payne had its premiere for 20 years - yes, I would buy it again. Heroes of might and magic 3 is over 20 years old and yes - I still play HoMM III

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