VIDEO_TS folder to single sized file possible?


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I use a program called XBMC as my video browser. Normally XBMC has it s own internal player for all kind of video files. However, I want to use an external player (MPC-HC) for playback my video content. So someone of the XBMC community made a custom XBMC version with external player support. However, it isn t compatible with regular dvd content (a VIDEO_TS folder with included vob, ifo etc files). His version only supports single file video content like .mkv's, .wmv's, .mpg's etc.

Is it possible, in a fast and user-friendly way, to convert a VIDEO_TS folder to some kind of single file video file? I don t want any kind of changes that influence the video or audio quality.


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You can use DVDShrink to do this - simply set for 100% compression (ie don't re-encode, keep quality at 100%) and uncheck the option to split output files into 1GB chunks (under Preferences)
You'll end up with one large VOB file!

You could also use the opportunity to get rid of any unwanted clutter on the DVDs, such as making ofs, director's commentaries, trailers, etc etc.

However, when you open the DVD with MPC-HC (v1.2.908), if you use the "Open Directory" option when you open the files, it should open all the files in that directory in sequence!


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Handbrake to convert to mkv/avi
ImgBurn to create an ISO

Would either of those help?


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You could use AutoGK to re-encode to DivX or XviD.
The OP wanted no loss in quality. I know XVid at 75% comes close but there will inevitably be some loss.

Why not simply create an ISO file and mount it with Virtual Clone Drive or daemon tools ??

Or another way would be create a playlist file to play the VOB files one at a time in order (they are the same as mpg files)

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