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video8 capture

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by leftfield27, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. leftfield27


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    Hi, I'm quite new to digital video and have flailed helplessly around some forums for a few hours!

    I have about 12 video8 tapes of home videos, and my camcorder broke. I would like to get all this footage onto my PC, edit it and make some DVD's. I will also buy a new camcorder soon. I am also moving to France in 10 days! It would be an added bonus if I could record tv onto my pc, but not essential.

    I think that I can borrow a video8 camcorder in France, and so was thinking of getting a DV bridge or TV capture card. TV capture cards are pretty cheap, and as my cassettes are only video8 quality would this be ok? I was thinking of plugging the RF out from the camcorder into the tv card and recording that like a video, then editing the file. I'm sure that there must be a catch in this method! AND will I have problems playing a uk video8 cassette (PAL I presume) in a French camcorder (SECAM I imagine). Or, do I need to get a proper DV bridge to get the average quality footage that I would like?

    If I get a DV bridge can I plug either my tv aerial, tv or vcr into it to record and pause live tv?

    Yeah I know I'm asking a lot....

    (I have a pretty decent pc, 1gb ram, 2400+, loads hard drive space, rubbish video card though only 64MB)

    if anyone can answer this I'd be very gratefull.

    Oh and I was gonna get a new JVC camcorder for £250 (cant remember the model no.) after seeing a good review but it doesnt have an analogue in, I was thinking that the extra money to get a camcorder with analogue in would be better spent on a DV bridge, but any suggestions welcomed,


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