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Apr 14, 2022
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Hey! Me and my friends did a video wall project last year. We are total newbies and some things went..not wrong but could have gone better and I wanted to ask this forum if you may have any tips for us, to improve what we already have. We know that you can spend a looot of money on these things but we were on a budget and now we're kind of "suffering the consequences".

So we built a mobile exhibitions space last year including a video wall consisting of six Hisense 70AE7010F TVs (70 inches each). We placed them vertically on three walls in a U-Shape, two on each wall (see pic 1) and a company connected them all with a set up of a media player, a LAN switch and each tv had its own receiver where the signal was send to. So the media player split the one video we put in into six pieces.What happened, and what we did not see coming , was, that even though these TVs are 4K we can only show hd on them now and since these are normal TVs and no expensive digital signage displays, I was told afterwards, that the pinq rate is not high enough for everything to look smoothely because you can see a little delay where the tvs touch. This is also something we only noticed after everything was paid for and set up.

Maybe you have some advice for me, is there any way, to improve the quality of the tvs to at least full hd?We sat down again this year and thought maybe there's even a simpler way to do this. Maybe you could export the Video in 6 parts, that will fit the format of each TV on portrait mode. Put a USB flash drive into each TV rotate the video and, I don't know if this is possible, but sync them somehow so you can start each video at the same time?

Do you think, ths idea could work and do you know a way, to sync the TVs, not with them playing the same video but different videos? or do you think we should stick to the first set up or is there a way to improve this set up? if you need more technical details, I could add them later!

I would be very thankful for any advice!Sorry if my English has some flaws, I'm from Germany :)

Zwo70 inside.PNG

Zwo70 outside.PNG
I think the TV’s LAN port can handle the video stream… I think this is more the media player trying to serve 6 video streams at the same time (could be hard drive or network limitations) … or not as likely could be the switch … a Network server like a NAS might be more suited for this …

if playing locally off the TV say with USB, what is your requirement for them to synchronise ?
Is your audience noticing the problem?

What budget is available to provide a ‘fix’?

Thank you both for responding!'

yeah it cannot be overlooked, the audience notices it, it still works and we can use it, but if there is any change with our budget or the set up we already have to improve the quality and7or the delay, that would be great!
To fix the problem we could spend around 1000 maybe 1200€ max.

What kind of NAS would you recommend ? and would this require a professional to install and connect everything?

The company we worked with took our set up after the delay occured, they connected our components with the professional displays and the delay was gone, but with the quality they say, it is normal that if you put in 1 video, and the player splits it into 6 parts and turns them vertically, that the quality goes down, is that correct or is there a work around?
these are the components:
  • 1x Smil Player PRO III 4K Ultra Performance Media Player, True 4K/60fps full screen smooth video playback, HDMI 2.0, H.264 / H.265, MPEG 2 / 4 AVC, incl. 8GB local storage, incl. Wi-Fi built-in, HTML5, Android 4.4, Bluetooth low energy beacon, 3.5mm analog stereo audio out PN: XMP-7300
  • 1 x LionDATA AVX-4K2K Audio/Video Broadaster over IP Ethernet, Transmitter/Sender, 1xRJ45, 1xUSB, 1xRS232, HDMI-IN, LDA-DIG-AVX- TRA-LO-04k/IP HDMI
  • 6x LionDATA AVX-4K2K Audio/Video Broadaster System over IP Ethernet, Receiver/Empfänger, 1xRJ45, 4xUSB, 1xRS232, HDMI-OUT, LDA-DIG-AVX-REM-04K/IP HDMI

  • 1 x Switch 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch (Plug-and-Play)

what do you mean exactly by requirement to synchronize? you should be able to start everything with one person, so maybe putting a flash drive in each tv, starting the tvs and then start the videos on the flash drives at the same time with maybe something like a master remote or something similar I don't know..or a program that starts automatically when you put in the usbs...
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Vertical Displays - you require Displays which are designed for vertical orientation otherwise you risk overheating them plus ‘TV’s have front filters which are designed for landscape viewing only and look terrible off axis when in portrait mode.

Tiling - most Pro/Videowall Displays have tiling built in so no need for an external device unless you go with a non HDTV layout format.

Synchronisation - if you wish to retain a sharp image due to the proximity of your audience it is better to produce the content to be played back on multiple players (one per display) and then use a device which will keep the players synchronised, you have differing quality/cost systnchronisers depending on how frame accurate you require the playback.

Content - always try and produce on the Output system to see how it actually looks.

At this stage your best option may be to redo the content to suit the hardware shortcomings as sorting the hardware is going to cost a lot more than you have in your budget.

Thank you for your assessment Joe. Unfortunately, vertical displays simply did not fit into our budget, and now we apparently have to work with what we have :(
I know that our tvs are actually not suited for this situation. Until now we luckily had no problems with them overheating after running them for several weeks multiple hours per day last summer.

How would you "redo the content to suit the shortcomings" ? I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that...
And such a device to keep the players synchronized cannot be applied to the tvs directly or the flash drives or any other workaround option? (what term do I have to search for to find these devices?)

And maybe for the future can you give me a rough inancial estimate what it would cost to equip every tv with a player and synchronize everything?
(Considering we cannot afford professional vertical displays)

Thank you,

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