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Hi guys,

I am doing this project DIY for my office and would be great to get any help.

Just got 4 samsung ue55 due to thin corners and bottom.

So now i want to connec tthem with this:
Video Wall Processor

Then i want to send the signal over to the tv from a distant place (i do not have space for the xbox right beneath)
4K Extender Over RJ45 Ethernet Cord Audio EDID fr PC DVD Computer To TV

And finally connect the transmitter with my xbox fire tv cablebox through this
Switcher Audio Video Converte

Any would welcome any help advice as this is the first time im using hdmi extenders. Do you think this will work? Would i get any lag on video especiallt xbox?

Ps i live in albania and we do not have professional ecommerce amazon or smth my only available source is aliexpress in order to buy the parts :(

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