Video to LCD VGA Monitor - Issues?


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Oct 22, 2003
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Chaps - sorry if this has been done to death before... I did a search but it did not come up with much.

I want to feed a LCD PC monitor with video. Obviously, component would be best, but would be happy with SVIDEO or even composite if it comes to it - it is a wee screen and only being used as a monitor, not for watching movies on...

I have seen several games console "vga boxes" to do the conversion, but many say that they dont work with LCD displays - the others dont mention LCD at all!!

Do any of you chaps use a VGA box with an LCD>

What are the issues?

If anyone knows of a sensible converter that will work fine with an LCD, please shout!!

Any help is much appreciated!
Depends what you are feeding it. Assume that the PC monitor will want at least 31KHz horizontal scanning (480p).

Consider the resolution of your LCD screen and how it deals with non-standard resolutions too - does it scale them up really badly (i.e. blocky), or run them in a little window?

if svideo is good enough, then something like a ProV or briteview scaler will be a good choice, but a little expensive. This will take an svideo input and scale it up to either 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768.

Other options are component-VGA boxes designed for consoles, but proper ones rely on real progressive output, which isn't possible in the UK without modded or imported consoles.
Thanks for the reply...

Have just bought the ProV+ and am VERY happy with it.

It is much better than "just a wee box" type gizmos that are around. very professional results for not much cash!


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