Video to LCD VGA Monitor - Issues?


Chaps - sorry if this has been done to death before... I did a search but it did not come up with much.

I want to feed a LCD PC monitor with video. Obviously, component would be best, but would be happy with SVIDEO or even composite if it coems to it - it is a wee screen and only being used as a monitor, not for watching movies on...

I have seen several games console "vga boxes" to do the conversion, but many say that they dont work with LCD displays - the others dont mention LCD at all!!

What is the issue here?

What is so radically different in an LCD panel that makes it fussy with the signal?

Is it an issue with feeding LCD monitors video, or is it the converted signal that is pants?

I guess it could be to do with interlacing, as the vga is obviously progressive and the "normal" video is (usually) interlaced.

If anyone knows of a sensible converter that will work fine with an LCD, please shout!!

Thanks Peeps...

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
The other option is to buy an older video processor (scaler / deinterlacer) like a Quadscan Pro, this works quite well


In answer to your 'what is the issue' question, it's the minimum horizontal scan frequency that is the problem. Video signals are at only 15.625Khz, which 99% of computer monitors of any type cannot synch to. Quite a few plasmas intended for domestic use have this problem too, and need more than a 'sync extractor' to work with video. But the pro v should fit the bill, and it's actually cheaper than the device you'd otherwise use, so be cheerful

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