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Just wondered if anyone here has any knowledge or interest in the newly soft launched Ojo videotelephone which won Best of Innovations in Design and Engineering Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2005?

The product is being called the Ojo and was also a "product placement" on the popular Fox Network Show "24" in the last (fourth) season starring Keifer Sutherland.

The Ojo has a unique shape described by its creator as "ergonometric" in that the 7 inch diagonal LCD screen is oriented vertically at eye level providing a "face to face" experience. The picture is 30 frames per second on as little as 100 Kbps data flow and there is, wait for it... perfect audio synchrony! The Ojo operates over either broadband cable or DSL. It is being marketed in the "States" but next year is expected to launch overseas.

Just started mass production in April so early adopter price is in effect at $799.99 but rebates are offered and the price should be coming down according to the marketer and distributor, Motorola who didn't make the Ojo but became the exclusive (6yrs) marketer and distributor for the Ojo which was created by WorldGate Communications

You can see the Ojo at and watch a video simulation there if you click on ojosodes and then Away At School on High Bandwidth. Marvel at the high resolution picture with its smooth motion. The audio synchrony is evident on actual call and not on your computer. Notice no computer is involved. Just plug into cable modem and use your own phone number. There is a monthly service charge of $14.95 and each phone must be registered with which lists modems and routers & their compatibility.

Has been known to make perfect calls, unlimited video, over internet, broadband, overseas from Pennsylvania to assembly plant in Taiwan. Also bounced signal off a satellite 45.000K miles round trip with perfect lifelike picture.

One can plug a cable, available from, into the modem and attach to wall outlet in your home and then the Ojo can be plugged into any other wall outlet in your house and it will work with little or no degradation of picture according to customers who have done this.

Commercials expected in next month or two, "blow out the candles grandpa," and price should be down as time goes on. has organized links for anyone wanting to research the Ojo.

WGAT is traded on Nasdaq and closed at $2.48 on Oct 7. Price driven down because venture capital infusion of $17.5M caused dilution of the float from 34 to 39M shares.

Hammacher Schlemmer offers a lifetime free guarantee. Others offer extended warranties which eats into rebate savings and are for short time leading to renewed costs.

Just fun to know about this Ojo which I used in Manhattan to call MOT headquarters and spoke to and saw technicians on perfect picture quite realistic with synchronous voice. Oh It was granted a US Patent for Design and others are pending.


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