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Video switching or direct connections?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by hatcher, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. hatcher


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    Here's a query. What do you think of video switching circuits in amps?

    The Denon 3801 (my oldie but goodie amp) has multiple composite/s-video/component inputs and depending on the source you choose it can route them to the relevant composite/s-video/component out.

    Now I've only connected up the composite and component feeds to the projector. The component is dedicated to the main DVD player (Denon's 2200) and the composite is switched via the amp and handles the kids GameCube and the Video Recorder. I bought a new DVD recorder (a Panasonic DMR-E55) and Video quality looks poor via the switched composite lead.

    I'd like to improve this and the way I see it I have two options;

    i) use a dedicated s-video feed to the projector from the second DVD.
    ii) convert the primary DVD's dedicated component connection as a switched one from the denon and connect both dvds to the amp.

    I've temporarily tried both and the former looks pretty close to the latter's quality so would be okay, but it would be more work to thread the new s-video cable through to the projector. The latter's easy to do but although I can't see any degradation in image quality by passing it through the Denon I still worry that it must be detrimental. Any thoughts?
  2. Reiner

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    Jul 16, 2000
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    Normally the video switching circuits don't degrade the signal quality too much, at least not to a level that it jumps into your eye. In fact I would say that it generally is not visible.

    Using S-Video would certainly improve things, the difference to composite should be obvious.
    There will usually a difference between S-Video and component, too, but not as obvious as between S-Video and composite. In some cases S-Video might actually give a better picture, depending on the equipment used.

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