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I have just bought a Yamaha DSPAX 750 (£349 from Richer Sounds) and have a question about video switching.

I currently only use the amp to handle the audio, digital inputs from DVD recorder and analogue from Sky. The video is sent RGB via scart straight to my Panasonic 37PW7.

Would there be any benefit in feeding the DVD recorder and Sky through the amp and sending the component output from the amp to the plasma (when I can get a component board). I have a Pioneer DVD575 which will be feeding component progressive scan to the screen as well when I get a board.

Would the amp in any way affect the progressive scan from the Pioneer or is it better to send the signal staight to the plasma.

If I go this way do I need a scart to 3 or 6 phonos.

Joe Fernand

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Hello sisko

Converting the SCART RGB output from your SKY to YUV and then switching it via your AV Receiver makes for more convenient operation but not for an improvement in video reproduction; it can only ever 'degrade' the picture.

That said I'm not a big fan of the SCART board in the Panasonic displays - though keep in mind you'll require an external RGB2YUV converter (JS Technology) between the Digibox and your AV Receiver video Inputs if you do want to go all YUV.

If the video circuitry in your AV Receiver is well designed it should have no adverse affect on Progressive or Interlaced YUV signals its switching - though you really need to test this for your self to 'see' if you can tell when the AV Receivers in circuit or not.

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I have Sky directly connected to my dsp750 through svid, and also use the RGB scart to an E55 DVD recorder and have component out from that into the amp. I 'upswitch' all video sigs to component out.

There is no discernible difference between either direct or via the e55, so I don't think you'll have any problems.



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Thanks for the advice guys.

When I get my component board I will try using the amp and see how it goes.

As you say Joe it makes it more convenitent using the amp.


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