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I'm helping a friend connect a system together.
She only has two sources, a HDD recorder/ DVD player and a Sky box.
The AV reciever is a Harmon Kardon (£350).
It has two component inputs and three S-VHS inputs.
The TV is a Panasonic 37" plasma. This has HDMI, component and three scart inputs.
The ideal is that it's as simple to operate as when she chooses a source, on the Amp both audio and visuals switch simultaneuosly.
At the moment she has everything connected directly into the Plasma.
This means she has to press loads of buttons when changing sources.
The Sky picture isn't great (it's in a Flat) and has RGB scart outputs X2.
I've tried hooking the DVD player via component into the Amp, and then component to the Plasma.
And then the Sky box via Scart to S-VHS to the Amp, with RCA phonos for the audio.
The DVD seemed to work OK but not the Sky Box. ( but audio did)
I've a feeling the Scart to S-VHS isn't fully wired, so it only works one way.
Has anyone got any better ideas?


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If the pic from the sky box isn't good when connected directly via SCART, it won't improve by going via the AV receiver! I would look into it though. Is it set to RGB in the video settings, that usually sharpens things up? Have you tried another SCART lead or swapping the ends around? To use the av receiver to switch the sky (and maintain the best possible pic quality), she would need a SCART RGB to Component convert (QED £70) and connect Sky to converter via SCART cable and then output via component. The standard Sky box doesn't have S-Video. Alternatively buy a Harmony remote (£50 upwards) and it will control everything with one button. That's what I do, I press, for example, 'Watch TV', 'Listen to CD', 'Watch DVD via projector' etc etc and the remote sets the AV receiver's inputs and the correct AV channel on the TV etc or input on my projector. Very simple and very effective.


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aye, it sounds like the cheaper option here would indeed be an all in one remote.....

altho, if the Sky box can output RGB via one of its scart outputs (its only ever one of them, the other will only be composite), then a QED RGB Scart to Component convertor means you can plug both the DVD player and Sky box in to the component inputs on the AV receiver, then when she wants to change what she is watching she can just use the amp remote :)
but it is £ possibly more expensive than a cheapish all in one remote.....but tbh most of the easy to setup and use remotes are about £70-100 anyhow...


The HK remotes have learning/programmable/macro capabilities which could do the job nicely. But unfortunately these are useless due to Panasonic's crazy input selection menu.

I think the DVD recorder model would determine what I'd do.

In addition to rgb-component converter already suggested, you could get hold of a Sky+ box and use the s-video output (other bonuses too)...use a remote SCART switcher...loop Sky through the DVD recorder or vice versa...and maybe more besides!

Things to bear in mind are that Sky boxes only have one RGB output and that the option for the plasma to switch onto an AV input on power up only works with a scart input and an active control pin. Composite probably looks better than you think though, and a macro on the remote to switch the TV on and then press tv/av button may be useful..

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