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video signal input messages driving me crazy on my Sharp Aquos...help!


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This is driving me nuts, so I hope someone can shed some light on it for me! I have a Sharp Aquos LC-52X20SE which I've had for a couple of years now. I've just recently hooked up a new Xbox 360 Elite to it via HDMI and everything is great EXCEPT..... randomly and constantly, I keep getting the TV popping up a video signal input message on the top right of the screen saying it's receiving 'new information' on the connection to the Xbox, then it expands a little more and tells me its connected at 1080p and 60hz, then it goes. Then anywhere between a few minutes and half an hour of so later, up it pops again. It's really distracting. In-game, it tends to pop up after loading or when returning to menus. What's more annoying is when it does it during a streaming movie on Zune. I've tried swapping cables and HDMI ports but can't seem to stop it and can't see how I can switch the messages off. It's become so annoying, I now find myself barely able to concentrate on the screen as I'm just waiting for it to pop up again!:mad:

Can anyone give me any advice? Incidentally, this is my second xbox, and the old one (connected by composite cable) also used to do this, albeit not as often.



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It could be something in the Xbox display output and the way Sharp handles the signal as you've had it happen over analogue and digital signals, a fix may not be possible fix without Sharp looking into it.

The Xbox scales everything to the resolution set in it's dashboard and doesn't switch resolutions although it can switch refresh rates on a rare occasion if set to something other than 60Hz in the settings.

Try setting the Xbox 360 to 720p @60Hz display output and see if it still happens, also turn on any game mode for the TV and disable any overscan and auto aspect ratio adjustment.


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If it is only happening during screen changes, then follow next010's advice and drop the resolution to 720P.
This is the game / XBOX changing resolutions and the screen is only telling you about this.

If it is happening at random, it's telling you that there are messages in the "Receiver Report".
I think you need to access Menu, to the far right option and down to the messages.
Changes in DTV receptions generate this report.

I think this is what's prompting the message?

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