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Is it the case that a video sender can be used instead of drilling holes for cables?
That's what they're for!
Mine works fine and no hassle with cables all over the place.


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I am about to get a new/used tv in my bedroom to connect to my new dvd recorder with freeview.I'm going to use a video sender and magic eye to my sky+box downstairs.

Q1.Do I simply take my sky+remote upstairs with me,or can I use my old standard sky remote?

Q2.Do I have to code to my new tv?

Q3.Can the sender make my non digital tv in the kitchen digital? And/or can my old sky box make it digital?

Q4.My ex husband set up phone to pc to tv with extension cables,filters etc,now ny phone signal is weak and broadband is low!As I pay for sky cover plan,will a sky engineer come and check/improve the set up?At a cost or not?:confused: Cheers.:)


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1. Yes. A standard Sky remore with control a Sky+ box with the following modification: (From: Sky Digibox remote control codes for your television )

How can I control my SKY+ Digibox with an ordinary remote control?

To reprogram the sky remote to control the sky+ box.

The sequence is:

* TV
* Hold Blue+select until LED flash twice
* 2
* Select
* Sky

Now the sky remote up and down channel buttons change the channels on a sky+ box.

To revert back, enter this sequence again but press the zero button instead of "2".

2. YES. Find the correct code for your TV here - Sky Help Centre>Product Help

3. NO. Your kitchen (or any) TV will display whatever the Sky (digital) box is showing but this does not make it a "digital TV"

4. As the fault is nothing to do with the actual Sky installation but due to badly configured telephone connections/cabling there *may* be a charge - explain the situation and check first.
In the meantime, have a look here to see how it should be done
Guide To Fitting Microfilters

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