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Video sender (RF) degrade original signal ?


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Hi, I'm hoping you can give me a bit of advice. I've just paid quite a bit for a quality aerial for my main tv downstairs. I ran out of money slightly and couldn't really afford to get the aerial linked to the upstairs bedroom tv, so I was hoping as a 'put-me-on' to get one of the cheap video senders to get the signal upstairs wireless.
I'm perfectly aware that the quality won't be as good as a proper aerial link but I'm ok with that as the upstairs tv is only for occasional use (and the tv itself is pretty rubish)
I'm more concerned with what the video sender might do to the main signal..... I don't want to degrade the lounge tv.
The video sender is only about £20. Can you tell me if the device is likely to be 'in line' with the aerial for the main tv (before it, or splitting the signal to the main tv) or if it connects 'from' it (somehow retrieving the signal after it's been used by the main tv, sending it on, and therefore not affecting the main tv picture quality)

....... or am I just talking cr*p and should just try it and see ?

thanks for the help !

P.S - All we have is Freeview box, TV and DVD player.



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The Video Sender will send a composite video signal at around 2400Mhz.

Terrestrial transmissions top out at around 850mhz so there is little chance they will interfere.

The video sender will not send the raw terrestrial transmission.


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Thanks for the reply, but I must admit to bieng slightly useless with this kind of thing.
When I call it a 'video sender' I'm intending to mean a device that sends the signal from the standard aerial, and I was hoping that the 'cheapness' of this device wouldn't degrade the signal which comes in from the main aerial to my main lounge tv .... let me explain :

If I were to want to email a photo to someone, the correct way should be

1, Take the picture with a digital camera
2, Load into the pc and email

the other way :

1, Take the picture with a digital camera
2, Print the picture out
3, Scan the picture into a computer
4, email the picture

......clearly the second option is not ideal, and it's this is what I have with this video sender idea.......

however.... imagine if on the second option, that the printer was absolutely rubbish.... that would ruin both the original picture that you print and therefore the picture that you email

This is my worry with the video sender, that I might compromise my original picture quality for the main lounge tv.


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I do not know of and see the point of any device that would wirelessly transmit the signal from the aerial.

Deleted member 27989

A video sender is for sending a video signal not for retransmitting the broadcast signal....All it can do is transmit the picture that you are watching downstairs, nothing else....

The broadcast signal is wireless already! Hence you need an arial to pick it up. And running a cable direct from your Antenna to an upstairs bedroom should be very easy, easier than all the way downstairs.....

Alternatively if you are in a good reception area just get a set-top arial until you can afford to pay someone to put an extra arial point in for you....

Then again isn't having an extra point put in almost the same cost as a video sender anyway?


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Well, it's a really high terraced house, the main aerial is right at the top and the main cable comes down the front of the house, whilst the bedroom is right at the back of the house and upstairs.
I think that he quoted me another £50 for an amp and the cabling, a cost that on top of the aerial and chrismas presents, I just couldn't do.
Think, like you say, best bet would be a set top aerial until we can afford the extra work

thanks for the time

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