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Hi not sure if this is in right forum but its all connected.
Need a long range video sender and have been getting mixed results by googling it so if any one has had any experience in this I would appericated any info.
Videoing football match and standing on top of dugout , clubhouse is otherside of pitch 90 meters with tv on second floor 1 wall to go through and maybe some people in the way other than that very clear path.
I know that 2.4ghz has interference with other products 5.8ghz is better but getting bad reviews about some of them that they dont work even if in same room or if somebody walks in front of the path signal? Have seen 1.2ghz with 2000mw power and very long range is that the way to go and are they legal in uk?

Any info would be great, cheers


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I think the use of 1.2GHz is restricted to licensed radio amateurs here in the UK.
But I'll bet there's a bucketful of Chinese kit available, for next to nothing and, unlike the 'old days', nobody seems to monitor and police illegal transmissions much any more. So you'll probably get away with it!

Genuinely 'legal' unlicensed 2.4 or 5.8 GHz transmitters put out so little RF, that even a passing butterfly seems to disrupt their path. And for the 2.4 GHz kit, you need to be sure that no one is using a microwave oven within about half a mile!!

That leaves the legal broadcast RF relay channels. Complete with silly prices......

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