video sender and Sky+...Can I?



Hi all,

I am having Sky+ installed on Tuesday. Currently I use a video sender on regular sky to watch sky in other rooms.

My question is; with SKY+ can I send from either feed? ie, can the wife watch Eastenders and me the football by using a video sender from the second feed?

I know about multi-room but this is the only scenario where I'd use it and I'm not sure I want to spend the money. I also know about the drawbacks of video-sending, wifi, microwave etc... but that shouldn't be an issue in the rooms I want this set-up.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.



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The Sky box will act no different to the standard box (make sure the engineer sets the new box to the frequency of the old one or you will be re0tuning the other TV).

She can watch Eastenders (and you the footy) as long as it is through the aerial, The sky plus sends the same channel on both RF outputs so the only way you can both watch different Sky channels is with multi-room.
Cheers, Franc
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