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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Nic Rhodes, Apr 2, 2001.

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    I am interested in the above but I am having problems tracking down suitable information. Can anyone help? The Rock I think I have cracked but I am always interested in what people might have to say about it.

    The reasoning behind this request is:

    The Rock is starting to be well received. Jenz (and Jeff?) are expecting units soon. Gordon might be Amsterdam as we speak, looking at a unit there? I thought you were on holiday?

    The plan for the Rock2 is to add a DVD ROM player. This allows treatment of those delicate signals completely in the digital domain and hence great quality. The current PC based Rock can do all the scaling to whatever output is required. This would eliminate conventional DVD players BUT what about regional coding. For most of use it MUST do R1, R2, R3 and R0 / R free.

    Cinematrix PSM-2 and Cinematrix PSM-1. This basically is a mod for a DVD player (Sony 7700) that allows video scaling to drive most real CRT projectors. I am struggling in getting addition information on this (Uncle Eric, can you help? Links etc). It sounds interesting especially if you only use DVD as a source.

    Parasound D1. I believe there is a plan for scaling to be built into the AV pre amp but details are sketchy.

    Last but not least, my beloved Tag equipment. I had originally thought Tag were working on a progressive scan update (for the DVD32R) but recent postings have indicated that there may well be scaling built into the upgraded AV32R processor (AV192R). It is early days yet and info is very slowly being forced out of Tag, reluctantly.

    Scaling in an AV amp would also allow scaling of S-Video / Satellite sources etc. But will it allow me to drive a CRT at higher refresh rates that it is capable of (72 / 75 khz or higher)

    I thought many of these products would just do interlaced to progressive (i.e. de-interlacing) but it appears that may also scaling for projectors.

    Then there is all the HCPCs / HTPCs.

    Will traditional scalers (non-Rock) and the HCPCs / HTPCs become a thing of the past?

    I currently own Tag equipment, I am building a HCPCs / HTPCs as I have most of the extra bits around and I am seriously tempted by a Rock (decision before price rise essential) but two years down the line they may all do a similar job. I am not against buying them now as it is good practical learning / experience for me but would like to well informed beforehand.

    It is all part of the fun in the hobby playing with these devices.
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    I figured that he was taking advantage of the new law that came into effect in Holland this weekend...

    (Only kidding Gordon [​IMG] )


    "Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability."
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    Hi Ric,
    Sorry for late reply but I am in Hong Kong as I'm writing this.
    Go into and do a search in the audio/video improvements section under the heading of cinematrix. Allow 2 days reading time.
    Just to briefly explain. I think the psm-1 moded 7700 is a fantastic product for the money. As I watch mainly dvd its perfect for me. Of course, like most scalers on the market (apart from the fara's and S&N's of this world) it does have its flaws.
    Some, not all, animation has combing problems (very mild in my opinion, as they last for only a fraction of a second),
    Film based material however is simply awsome. I have compared it (on fim based software) to HTPC and the value QS and CI scalers and can claim that the psm-1 is of a higher standard.
    I have not as yet seen the Vigitec or Rock but have seen the Fara 2200 (which only does 600p) and the Fara 3000.
    Of course the Fara 3000 is better but in my opinion certainly not 15 grand better because the psm-1 does come supprisingly close (on film based software)
    Sorry to cut short, I can answer your questions in more detail when I get back to London. If Gordon holds his shootout in London, I can bring my psm-1 for everyone to compare.
    best wishes

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