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I have searched on this to no avail. Can someone please tell me what they use to route video from DVD, Sky etc. to their PJ AND TV??

I currently have a 36" TV and PT-AE100. I have the PJ hooked up via S-Video to the AMP which has a monitor out s-video and this works well. I have the TV connected to the lot via SCART but what i want to do is to put all of the kit downstairs and control it via RF. That part is easy. The hard part is finding a device that I can remote control, like my amp, that has two Monitor outs so that I can connect one to the PJ and the other to the TV.

Anyone got any ideas?? Some amps have extra vCR outs via SVIDEO, but would these output the same sources as the monitor out socket?

BTW want to say that I have visited this forum for over two years and recently bought a PT-AE100, Draper 92" screen and running it from my 200 disc DVD. It's not PScan but the picture is FANTASTIC. Anyone that might say otherwise must be very very critical as the overall cinematic experience is fantastic. Can thoroughly recommend taking the plunge and it's a great PJ for very little money. Thanks to everyone for their many posts on the forums with all the advise one could ever need.

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Anyone got any ideas for an answer please?????

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My amp has S-video out on the VCR input, and it mirrors the monitor out for the front and video 1 s-video inputs.

Trouble is, its a bit clever, and doesn't output from its own input. So I can get two outputs from two S-video inputs, but not the third. And I need three. So I'm currently juggling.

If you have a video in/out with S-video support, give it a try (just not with its own input)

The other alternative (which I'm also trying out) is to use a SCART switcher, with the SCART boxes with S-video connectors. I got one from Comet that allows you to have two outputs - one for the TV, and one for the video (so you can record something while watching something else). But you can set it up so it mirrors the outputs too. Cost £25.

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