video recorder to Panny 6 help


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I am about to purchase a panny 6 with

JS RGB to VGA converter - VGA for sky duties
RCA component board - DVD prog scan component connection

However i still have a bog standard video recorder (composite from scart) that i need to connect until a new DVD recorder replaces it later.

I take it that i cannot daisy chain the video recorder through the sky box which in turn is connected to the plasma VGA slot as it is not a RGB signal ?

Do i have to order a dreaded scart socket as well now ?




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Your correct in that you cannot loop through the sky box and would probably need a scart socket - my advice would be to forget it and just wait until your new DVD recorder arrives.


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Thanks for the reply

I thought as much.

The wife still needs some soaps recorded when she works late. Just bought a DVD player a month or 2 back so changing is not an option for a while.

Will have to buy a scart socket or upgrade to sky + i guess


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How many SCARTs does the VCR have?

If two, easy, input and output to the video input on the screen. Only one requires a Y type cable, where the middle one goes in to your VCR and the others are for input/output.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
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