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Video playback (3gpp) on mobile phones

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by Gemini-Phoenix, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Gemini-Phoenix

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    Jun 23, 2005
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    The first phone I was able to view video's on was my Ngage. Which was nice, because I was able to fast forward and rewind (Albeit slowly), and had the option to view in full screen (Widescreen or vertical)

    I then upgraded to a Sony S700i, which is good in all aspects, except where it comes down to video playback...

    Now there's a nice large screen which you would think would be ideal for playing back nice fullscreen sized video's, but no. If you view a video on the S700i, you have to suffer with a stupid letterbox sized square in the middle of a load of empty space. It makes me think I have tunnel vision!

    Is there an option to make video's show in fullscreen? If so, then I haven't found one, and I have looked all over high and low for an option to do this...

    I mainly like to view music video's which I rip from various Cd singles (Usually QuickTime format, which I then convert to 3gpp) ~ Shame I can't view them properly like I can on my Ngage...

    Another thing I think Sony left out is a FF / Rew function. Highly annoying, especially when you want to get to a certain point...

    I also find it annoying that these phones cannot read native .WAV or .MP4 files. Why do we have to convert them to inferior quality, especially if you have the free space on your chosen form of media storage card...

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