VIDEO: Panasonic LZ2000, LZ1500 & LZ980 Hands-on Launch Event

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@Phil Hinton On behalf of JZ owners, we wish we’d known you were going to this event.

We would have asked you to confirm if 120Hz and VRR actually works without issue on the new LZ models, because it doesn’t on the JZ series.

VRR up to 120Hz isn’t achievable via the PS5 as the console doesn’t recognise the TV as a HDMI device capable of 120Hz. And Xbox owners experience intermittent sound drops and/or picture breaking up when 120Hz and either uncompressed or Atmos audio are engaged via that console.

Drop down to 60Hz (via the Xbox) and the sound drops disappear .

So, with that in mind, prospective LZ owners with next gen consoles, beware.
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Really keen to see how the gaming options stack up against the likes of the lg g2, as that's my current pick for later this year. However I could be swayed to the lz1500 too


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Surely the majority of people who want the 77” model have good external sound systems and don’t want or need the in-built sound capabilities?

Hopefully, Panasonic will introduce a bare bones 77” panel next year. Missed opportunity this year though. But this is a repeated pattern and seems to be Panasonic’s way of doing things.

Shame there is no QD-OLED from Panasonic, but the tried and tested W-RGB OLED should still be amazing.

I wonder if the yet to be revealed LZ800 OLED series will use Android rather than Panasonic's My Home Screen platform?

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Panasonic LZ2000, LZ1500 & LZ980 Hands-on Launch Event | No QD-OLED for 2022, new 77-inch for LZ2000
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