Video overscan and other issues?


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I have the following hardware:

Q6600 Quad core
Asus Striker Extreme
Gigabyte 9800GTX IGb GPU

At the moment I have my resolution as: 1366x768 however, the colour is rubbish. Everything is highly saturated and overly bright - and whenever I change the settings, they reset when the computer is reboot.

When I try to enable 720p or 1080i, alot of the screen is overscanned and is not visable on the TV. As far as I can see, neither the TV nor the GPU has anyway to change this?

Would any kind person be able to lend some words of advice in how to get a decent picture?:lease::lease::lease:

I am otherwise perfectly happy with 1366x768, appart from the colour, and the fact that there appears to be a little bit of underscan, in that, when I am watching a blu-ray there is a small visable light band at the top and bottom of the screen. This is very annoying since it looks very ammateurish. I will refuse to believe that an £1100 PC is not capable of a decent picture.


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