Video over DLNA on Bravia KDL40V5500U


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I'm trying to get WMP11 to act as a video server for my Bravia KDL40V5500U.

I can get WMP11 to serve up still photos OK and also audio MP3s to the
TV, but when, on the TV, I select a folder that contains video files I'm simply told
"There are no items to display". I've tried the following formats .avi
.ts .mpg .divx .mov .flv .wmv, none of them show up.

Anyone able to serve up video files from WMP11 (or any other DLNA server) to this TV?

The WMP11 PC is running XP Pro connected via a 100Mbit/s wired
connection to the TV.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the TV have to support these type of files? It won't just play anything. I had a look through the online manual and here's what it says (Page 30):

To play files that are received from a network device, they need to conform to one of the following formats.

-Still images: JPEG format
-Music: MP3 format or Linear PCM format
-Video: The following file formats stored on the server: AVCHD, HDV, MPEG2-PS (which in some cases may not be able to be played)

Sony being Sony, they would do anything not to support Divx etc do I am not surprised at all to see this. Basicially, it would seem that it only supports video from a camcorder. The only way around this is to convert your content to one of these formats. Even when you do this, it can be a nightmare to get it working. There is absolutely no mention of Divx in the manual whatsoever I'm afraid.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the TV have to support these type of files?

Thanks for the reply vipergrm.

I wasn't expecting the TV to support everything, just trying everything to see if I could get /anything/ to work. The MPEG Program Stream supports at least MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video coding, and maybe others, so not sure what the set does and doesn't support. The DLNA compliance document (at least for the 37" and 46" models, couldn't find one for the 40" model) also says it supports MPEG2-TS.


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Hi bofbof, just wanted to ask what you think about the tv so far? Do you game on it?

Very pleased indeed, apart from not being able to get DLNA video on it, yet, and having to keep shifting my son and his XBox360 off it; don't game myself, but it's very popular with son and his mates, who now seem to be a permanent fixture here.

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