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Hiya folks,

Gotta a question about Component & HDMI Video output I wondered if somebody could advise on?

I've taken the plunge after reading the forums for a few weeks, and bought a PS3 for Blue-Ray viewing. My trusty Denon AVC-A1SE doesn't have HD decoding or HDMI connections so until a stand-alone unit that decodes all and has full Analogue outputs comes along, the PS3 ticked all the other boxes.

Anyway, my problem is that I don't seem to be able to output the Video signal via HDMI & Component simultaneously which is a bit of a pain. I've got an AX100 Projector and a big powered screen so is fantastic for watching movies :) and I've got this routed through the amp/projector via Component connections. All good.
However, it's not so good during the day so I've also got the PS3 connected to my Plasma TV via HDMI, again all good.

The issue is that it's not easy switching between the two outputs since you have to do this throught the PS3 menu system. If I was running via the Projector previously, the only way to switch back to the HDMI/TV is to power up the amp, projector and bring down the screen so I can see the PS3 display and switch it back......all a big PITA!

Any ideas?


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As far as I am aware there is not really an answer to this irritating problem. My suggestion would be to leave the PS3 connected to your Plasma by HDMI mainly and when you use your projector, change to component before and back to HDMI after ready for your TV again.

Not ideal though. I wonder if sony ever plan to address this in a future update?


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Totally agree pal.

Does anybody know if the Bluetooth remote has an output type button on it that would solve this wee problem? Seems to have many other buttons to avoid menu navigation of Movies so wondered if it also had something for this sort of function?

Just a stab in the dark.


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you can leave them both plugged in, then if you want to change it to use the projector just go to the xmb video options and set it to video output through whatever the pj is using and vice versa for the tv.


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Thanks Abu,

Not quite what I mean. If I switch on the TV and there's no PS3 display (because I had it set to component for the PJ) then you're right, I have to do it through the XMB. However, to do that, I have to power up the Amp, bring down the screen and power up the PJ so I can see what I'm doing....a real pain!

I wondered if the new remote had a key set for the AV Output (like most tv remotes) so it would switch between HDMI, Component, RGB etc?


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I have both plugged in atm, and whenever i start the PS3, it "auto detects" a HDMI lead, and asks me if i'd like to use that as my video feed, this is viewable on both the AV channel (component) aswell as the HDMI channel.

If i select yes, it carries on with the HDMI setup and there will no longer be a display on AV.
If i select no, it'll continue using the composite and there will be no Display on HDMI (still get sound though weirdly).

Is yours not doing the same? If so, i wonder why?


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It can be done quite easily if you don't mind laying down the notes. You buy an 1-in-2-out HDMI splitter, attach one output to your TV and the other to an HDMI -> component transcoder which goes to your projector.

Tony Hoyle

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No need for the transcoder since the AX100 supports HDMI - just the splitter will do.


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I was trying to avoid the splitter option as my Projector is ceiling mounted and the cables run inside the house walls / floors. I've had the AMP (Denon AVC-A1SE / non-HDMI) and projector long before the PS3 and HDMI telly, hence component connections.

I may have no choice but to look at the splitter / running extra cabling inside the house but it's annoying that the PS3 has the outputs I need but due to a simple software omission, I can't output to them both. Means a lot of hassle plus some extra cabling cost.

I also have the worry of not knowing how effective a long HDMI lead is as it needs to be over 10mtr to reach the Projector on the roof at the back of the room!


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As long as you don't use the tv and projector at the same time,i can't see a problem using the hdmi and component together,as long as the resolution of the hdmi matches component,i:e 1080i or 720p,you can't get 1080p over component because of AACS.I also use the AX100 projector and i have used both outputs at the same time.

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