Question Video not being passed from PS5 to Sony KDL-43WF663 through YAS-107


Ok, so a family member is trying to play a standard blu-ray on his PS5. It is connected directly to the soundbar which is in turn connected to the TV through ARC. Audio and video is being passed correctly at the home screen and when playing games.

However, when he tries to watch a blu-ray he only gets audio and no video.

I have tried putting the disc in his PS4, which is connected to the TV directly, and it plays as it should. So I am satisfied completely that the disc is not faulty. I then swapped the HDMI cables, only at PS4 and PS5 ends, and the disc plays perfectly on BOTH systems. I think I may just leave the setup like this, but I don't see why the original setup wouldn't work.

Has anyone else had this problem or has any idea why it wouldn't work?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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I've got the 50in Sony model using a Vizio sound bar with no issues.

Mind you, i only have my Blu-ray player and Apple TV directly into the sound bar and then to the tv for Atmos sound.

My Virgin V6 box is connected direct to the tv and then Optical to the sound bar for Dolby Digital sound.

Try HDMI direct to tv and then optical out from sound bar to tv.

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