video interferes with Channel 5


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Hi folks. I have tried to find a solution to this before de-lurking and posting but didn't have any luck!

Basically my Sharp VCR (a few years old now) whenever switched on causes my Channel 5 to go completely mental. This has only happenned since I moved slightly further north (from northampton to kettering) and am now getting my Channel 5 from a different transmitter. Lucklily I can get Channel 5 from another transmitter but quality is even worse than usual!

Can anyone suggest a solution?

Many thanks in advance,


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The interference is probably caused by the RF output on your VCR. Can you turn it off or tune it to a different frequency, with a little pot/dial on the back?


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Wow that was quick, you guys don't mess around!
I shall check when I get home from work. Do you have any tips on retuning via this dial?


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Oh! ReTro seems to have it covered!
But if two people say the same thing we'll double your confidence.

Channel 5 is broadcast close to the frequency used for your VCR.
Just move the VCR to a lower frequency, and retune your TV to it.


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I'm sure channel 5 used to have info about retuning your VCR because of them using the same channel, but all I could find is this technical info that confirms channel 35 is used by them. 35 is the channel that used to be the preset for VCR's.
Are you OK retuning your VCR?

Oh! Has channel 5 gone on your VCR?


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I can still get channel 5 through my vcr, but the quality is a bit iffy so I'm pretty certain it's just one that's coming from another transmitter. I can only pick up that one version on it though, whereas (when the vcr's not on) I manage to pick up two regions of it on the TV.

Cheers for that link, couldn't find it when I looked on five's new site.

I've no problems retuning channels and the like, but I've never actually retuned the VCR itself, I'll give it a bash though (not literally!).


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It's gonna be the vcr that needs tuning! I'll stake your house on it! ;)

Near the RF/ aerial out connection there's usually an adjustable pot. You may need a small flat blade screw driver.
It may only need a fine adjustment.

One way to do it is to tune you tv to a new channel (maybe ch30 for e.g.) and then adjust the pot until you get the VCR back.

That way round sounds easier than moving the VCR pot first and then using the TV's controls to find the video.

re. the VCR version of channel 5 - which channel 5 is the stronger signal? The old or new one? I hope the strongest one is the one setup on the VCR/TV ;)


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Thanks for the tips, sounds good to me.

I have the strongest five signal tuned to my TV, and I also have the weaker one tuned too to another number (in case of transmitter failiure I always try and have two regions tuned). It does seem that I can just get the one on the VCR though, and it's not a particularly great one.

However at the end of the day all I hope to achieve is being able to watch CSI on a saturday night and record something on another channel without five going mental.

OK I'm off home to try the tips and will give you an update tomorrow!


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Just an update. Couldn't find a RF Tuning dial/pot on the back of the video, so I did a quick search on google and found this from the Australian Sharp site ( :

Q. How do I change the RF out output frequency off my VCR, If it has no adjustment screw located on the back of the VCR?
1) Make sure the VCR is in STANDBY MODE, not Low Power Mode (the clock or word Sharp should appear on the display).
2) Press the Menu button for more than 2 seconds.
3) The display will change to CH37 RF and the number will flash.
4) Using the Channel UP or DOWN keys select new RF Output e.g. 41
5) Press SET to memorize this setting
6) The display will change back to STANDBY mode.
Note: If you change the RF Output, retuning of the TV is required. Please refer to your TV Operation Manual for how to tune your TV.
I then retuned it no problem and can happily watch Five while the video is on.

Many thanks for the help guys!


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Pleased to read that u r sorted :)
ta 4 the update.

Paul G

Couldn't find a RF Tuning dial/pot on the back of the video, [/B]

This is common to most modern vcr's to my knowledge. They now use the 'menu' method like yours. This is usually covered in the instruction manual.
Glad it's sorted:)

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