Video Gaming as a hobby or social?


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Not for me at all, I don't do multiplayer and play single player games for a bit of escapism.
yeah around 20 ish years ago for me- lots of time spent on counterstrike and then when halo 2 and later on when World of warcraft launched. these days not so much, but its been fully social if your want it since the later 90's really.


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I think it has become social mainly thanks to the rise in streaming within the past decade! Not that it's a bad thing whatsoever, just that when people stream the gameplay becomes secondary for the most part while they're usually playing and talking with friends in between interacting with the chatroom.

It has always been a hobby for me personally, but I'm not against the occasional stress-relieving online game with friends.


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Stereotypically, yes gaming has become more of a social affair as a result of the online opportunities which, 20 years ago, wouldn't have been possible, and it is much easier to organise an online game than it is a drink at the pub.

I'm not a huge online player but I can definitely see the appeal but I don't think that gaming becoming a social thing should be a negative thing


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In my opinion it’s both. It depends on the type of gaming you do. I have a Switch Lite and a computer so most of my gaming is by my self although I’ve done some online gaming over the computer and also gone raiding with others on Pokémon Go with my iPhone.


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It is both definitely. And in the same time. Before, the old games in the nintendo were a hobby but social thing too, many friends were playing together nintendo games at home and people were buying because the the others had, now the same but online. Nice question, thank you friend


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Hasn't it always been social ? One of the first video games Pong was two players. The first times I ever saw a console would have been around friends and family houses, socialising over Mario, Street Fighter, Gran Turismo. If anything I'd say it's got less social.


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I generally only play racing games , the only one worth playing for me at the moment is gran turismo sport , which at the moment is more like war than pleasure ......


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My wife and I game together, she has other "hobby" games she plays, but for me it's just "social". Currently we play ESO.


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It has always been a bit of both in general, but the rise of internet gaming, streaming and eSports has massively (no pun intended) emphasised the social aspect.

For me, gaming remains a hobby that I enjoy alone, mainly because I don't have the time or inclination to 'git gud'.


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for me its personal hobby but i know a lot of guys who play league of legends just because they want to do something together


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I've always been a social gamer. I get bored really quickly playing alone.

I've had an xbox1 for quite a few years now (and various others consoles before) and doubt I racked up more then a few hundred hours on it in that time (no online gameplay-slow internet). Even less on my 'gaming' laptop which is coming up to 3 years old.

MMOs were my poison of choice in my younger days, but (adult) life gets in the way now.

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