Video games burning plasma/RPs


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Hi all,
I've been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to decide on which TV to get (presently have an 8 year old Sony 28" widescreen)

For RP it would be possibly the Tosh 42WH18
If I could scrape the money together I would go for the 42" Panasonic plasma.

I was hoping to maybe get the RP TV for £1300 and keep it for a couple of years when plasmas are at a sensible price.

The thing that worries me is screen burn from computer games. If RPs are still very susceptable to video game screen burn then I may have to forget about RP.
I'm not sure if Plasmas have the same problem with video games???

If both of these options are no good then I may get the Toshiba 36ZT29 CRT ( I can make use of the component and progressive scan).

Any recommendations/advice would be great.



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I've had a Tosh RPTV for almost two years now on which I've used a PS2 (which was used almost 8 hours a day for about 4 weeks when my son broke his leg and couldn't leave the house) and an X-BOX and have no problems with screen burn at all.

The thing to watch out for is the Contrast - most of the Tosh's seem to come with the contrast set to 100, mines now set at 47.




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Thanks alot Johndon.

With the contrast set to that level can you only use it in a dark room/curtains shut etc?

I've seen a friends Toshiba 50" in action and that was fine at fairly wide angles in daylight. Don't know what the contrast is set to.


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