Video "freezes" when copying to camcorder


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When copying edited video back to my JVC DV camcorder, the output periodically "freezes" for a second or so, then continues normally. This freezing shows up on the tape. It co-incides with a burst of HDD activity, and happens almost exactly every 2 minutes of edited file. When I watch the edited files on the PC before attempting transfer, they run seamlessly.

I'm using Video Studio 7.01 with a firewire connection, copying from a 32GB partition on a 80GB HDD. The partition is used exclusively for video editing, and is always defragged before attempting to copy to the camcorder. It's a Maxtor 7200rpm UDMA133 drive, and I have a 1.8GHz processor and 512MB memory. I would have thought the hardware was easily up to the job.

I'm tearing my hair out with this, any ideas?


Clive K


Sounds a bit like a virtual memory problem, try increasing the size a bit and see if that helps.


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Bingo! It turned out that the video partition had no virtual memory configured at all. I set the default and hey presto - the problem was fixed. Many, many thanks.

Clive K.


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Yep, Thanks Beejaycee - you've solved a problem I've had for ages (not as severe - but still annoying)

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