Video file time length is incorrect after converting to M2TS


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Hi everyone,

I dont know whether anyone else has noticed it or not.

I use TsMuxer for converting any High Definition MKV/BluRay/HD-DVD files to M2TS files which can be stored on the harddisk and can be streamed via DLNA Server or USB storage to the PS3.

The files can be played fine without any trouble, however I always notice the file time scale is shown incorrectly in the file information pop-up. The AVI/DIVx files show correct length of the movie , however all M2TS files show as having a length of 99:99:00.

Due to it if I seek (FF)forward / (RR)backward in the M2TS file while playing , the movie does not resumes playing from the new forwarded position. I have to press the stop button and then play again to play the movie from the desired location.

Another glitch seems to be in the scene search feature. In PS3 Firmware 2.5 the whole video file can be split in scene durations of 1-5 minutes along the time scale so I can search and start playing from the desired position in the file . However this option also seems to be working correctly only with the AVI/DIVx files and the M2TS files just seek indefinitely without any output in the scene search windows.

Hope to get a clue from someone about how to fix the correct file lenght when muxing the file in the M2TS container.



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Hi, yeah it only does this when the codec is .h264. When it's Mpeg2 it displays the duration properly. I'm not sure why .h264 doesn't display the duration properly. I think it doesn't keep the time information when its muxed into a mt2s container. I think it's something to do with the codec. From what test's I have done it seems as though it cannot be fixed.

Regards to the FF and RW because its probably a very large file (20gig+) and the fact that it's being streamed it will take a while to FF, RW and refresh once you are in the correct place. It's just quicker and easier to stop then start again.

Hope this helps!!

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