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Answered Video File Playback Stutter

Dan Turner

Active Member
I would like to preface this question by saying I know it is a pretty stupid question and I'm fairly confident I know the answer but just wanted some external thoughts on it.

In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to playback video files from my, admittedly rather old, laptop onto our TV (LG49UH670) via HDMI cable (1.4 if that is relevant) using MediaPlayerClassic and I was getting inconsistent/stuttering playback. At first it was with x265 files so I assumed I was missing some codecs and that's what was causing the issue but when I unplugged the cable it played silky smooth on the native laptop screen.
I then recently did similar with an x264 encoded file (which I have NEVER) had problems with in the past and got a similar problem albeit less pervasive. I checked it wasn't an issue with the file itself by, again playing on the native screen - silky smooth - and copying it to a USB drive and playing directly through the TV - silky smooth.
I started wondering if it was an issue with the HDMI cable I was using but I couldn't think of any logical reason why that would be so the only think I'm left with is that there is some sort of driver/software/codec/resource issue on my laptop?
I checked task manager during playback and there didn't appear to be anything untoward or anything topped out so I am now pointing the finger at the GPU and/or driver but does anyone out there have any other thoughts on it?

For reference the laptop I have is an Acer 6935G which I have upgraded across the years, current specs:
  • Intel Core2Duo T9550 2.6GHz Dual Core w/ 6MB cache
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • nVidia 9600m GT discrete graphics card
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
All security patches etc. installed, all software up to date, all drivers as up to date as they can be (nVidia appear to have stopped supporting my GPU so I don't have the MOST up to date version of their software but I do have the most recent supported version)

Dan Turner

Active Member
Outputting 1080p (GPU doesn't support anything more) and the video files are 1080p also.

I only ever display on one at a time.


Distinguished Member
That's an odd one. I thought it might be the extra load from scaling up, or something related to it being an extended desktop screen.

If you play the video windowed then do other programs on screen suffer the same symptoms?


Distinguished Member
Yeah that's odd, maybe it's MPC and some combo of drivers/config issues.

Try MPDN instead, it's a niche media player for smooth video, it uses fluid motion features out of the box (it will ask to install LAV filters say yes).
* try playing full screen in MPDN
* if you still have problems try going into options\video renderer\general and change prefer image quality to render performance or max render performance.

I assume your TV is set to PC mode or HDMI black level RGB High 0-255 and has post processing effects disabled like LG's own smooth motion.

Also download the Direct-X web installer and run it, older versions of Windows are reliant on this for getting up to date Direct-X libraries, most modern media players leverage Direct-X a lot.

Dan Turner

Active Member
Thanks for the replies guys, sorry I've been slow responding.
As if by magic the laptop decided to behave itself last night on several different video files of different size and format. I'm going to assume it was Windows doing something in the background but I will just chalk it up to an odd one.....


Distinguished Member
Refresh rate issue?

If your file was encoded at say 24fps (a movie) then you can get micro stuttering if the display isn't set to that. Its more obvious on some scenes than others and sometimes the PC can decide to change the refresh rate if its having a bad day ;)

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