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Video editing software


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Hi All,

After getting alot of footage of our Daughter growing up i wish to get hold of some Software that i can use to make a dvd and add basic effects and stuff. Nothing too complex, something easy to use. I've read of a few programs that are crap and can really slow your system down, so i'm after something half decent too.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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I've got no experience of any video editing software except for one:

It's Ulead Videostudio 11+.
I bought it 'cos it was cheap and had some good reviews.

It's really easy to use, works well on my under spec'ed laptop, and it's done everything I've thought of wanting to do in the past 3 months of using it.

If you like, check out some of my vid's here: http://www.dailymotion.com/dharbott

Be warned: video editing is time consuming!


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Most edit software is available as a free 30 day trial. I find that the user interface on Pinnacle Studio is very easy to follow and it works for me. I am sure others will disagree!
Adobe Premiere Elements is very good but not as intuative to use. Type free download Studio 11 or whatever program you want to try into google and you should get some usable links.


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Some programmes are condemned quite unfairly often its the inexperience of the user and/or the the specification of their pc most programmes being quite power hungry. You are the best judge of what is good I suggest you download some of the free trials and see what works for you . I personally prefer Adobe premiere elements and something to take into consideration is how good the support is and elements user forum is excellent in my opinion.


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Thanks very much for all of your replies and suggestions, i will get a few trials tonight. :thumbsup:


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I have all of the suggested ones ( apart from Magix) on various systems , and in addition Sony Vegas Movie Studio and some "less budget " ones
All can do what you want and more.
The difficulty in use is only relative , all are learnable. Even the "complex" ones have and can be used in newbee mode and you may chose to sidestep complexity until you feel ready, if at all
Video editing, encoding is hardware intensive, space gobbling and usually time consuming but most modern PCs will cope fine and the results are often well worth it once your creative juices start flowing
It is true that some software is buggy ( and some systems quite untidy) but some folk also have a lot to answer for; thier PC setups leave a lot to be desired
Most user forums never seem to say positive things about software .. They are mainly there for troubleshooting so take the complaining posts in the right context. One mans crap is another mans wow!

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