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I read that Computer Shopper is praising SMS v13, but it will be interesting to all here if nero0410 can tell us how things work out. The only snag I can see is that getting used to one program is bad enough ( er, IMHO), then learning two ....

Good Luck.

As they all use the same basic requirements for a NLE package like non destructive editing and time lines, it's not that hard as most of the usual editing techniques use the same principles.


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My learning process hasn't really started that much yet, after finally choosing and getting the programs I needed, and getting them set up, I'm having a bit of a breather.

Simple editing like, splitting, joining, cutting stuff out and adding title's, text and credit rolls seems to be pretty much the same as glt has said. I have tried all the main ones, and even some of the free stuff (which don't seem to be as clear as the main stuff for me)

Magix can handle almost anything but .mkv's, has a 'jog dial' for more than easy fine selecting to the point you want to cut, has a load of features in general including 3D titling (which Movie Studio seems to lack.... in the premium version anyway), but grabbing the premium snags:
proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro
NewBlue ColorFast

for use in the program.

ProDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro is worth it for the price for the lot alone I think, it's a titles and text editor that is very powerful and has hundreds of presets.

If you go for Magix, after uninstalling it offers you 20% off the 'normal' version, ignore it and buy from Amazon if you want the extras (well worth it): Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium: Software

One's boxed, the one for a quid more is download. Otherwise it's £99.99 on their site.

Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite is also great value for money I grabbed the suite as I can make use of the Music and Sound Studios that it comes with and the extra stuff is worth the extra.
That one also comes with extra third party goodies:
NewBlueFX 3D Titling and Video Effects - Not as good as proDAD and the 3D titling stuff that Magix can do, but a pretty good titler and some extra video effects.
BorisFX Units - As some have said, very worth having. BorisFX has been worth to upgrade from their previous version for, they are some powerful tools to add effects to your video's.
FXHOME HitFilm Effects - Again a load of extra video effects.
There are also loads of different .sfpresets out there for SMS13, bit lazy, but some of the effects look really good. Posted some videos I found in a recent post.

Now I went for the two, as between them they have advantages and weaknesses, main thing to point out really are the extras that come with them, and the advantage of the 3D titling ability with Magix natively and having the advantage of proDad V4 Pro.
For instance, if I had a file that Movie Studio doesn't open, or even just a home movie, and wanted my own title on there....
I'd open it with Magix, use the 3D titling effects of that/proDad then export over to Sony Movie Studio to use some Boris video effects before exporting as a working title.

Cyberlink has the most format support for import and export, but it is rather slow and clunky loading the timeline etc.... I found. This is not due to my system as it has more than enough power for this sort of thing, it just appears to be the software.

Pinnacle I couldn't even get to install on Windows 8 64bit, so no idea about that one.

Corel VS7 I couldn't get to make an output file with audio in sync, but others here get on with it fine.
It's also got tons of features and effects you can use, so if you get on with it would be a great editor.

Adobe Premiere Elements, another sound sync issue for me, but doesn't seem to have so many features as the rest either.... or I didn't bother finding them :rolleyes:

At the end of the day, it's up to you. You need to think of all you want to do and try each one and see which one suites you the best.

After almost two weeks of playing with them all my opinion would be biased, but most of these packages seem to come with different effects packs too, so they are all potential candidates :)

I'm sure someone can fill you in on some of the other software, good luck and have fun :smashin:


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