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I've got a video editing question for you all.
Im using Windows movie maker and when i capture my video and play it back it looks lawful! It's all blocky looking like a bad MPEG.
Im not sure what the problem is, im using a Sony TRV-18 with the supplied USB cable. Is there a setting im missing? It's coming from a mini DV tape and the video looks fine on the camera but not on my computer.

Can anyone help?



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You will not get very good results by using a USB cable - what you need is a firewire cable (and firewire card in your pc to connect it to). This will give you perfect full frame digital video :smashin:

If you don't have a firewire card you should be able to get one cheap from somewhere like or (they usually come complete with cable).

You will also want a fair amount of free space on your hard drive too (or preferably a seperate or partitioned hard drive). Also best if you have a decent processor and at the very, very least 256mb RAM (preferably more)...

Hope this helps.

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