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Hi (again)
I have a MacBook and iMovie installed. I do use (very poorly) some Adobe products in photo editing. From the little I have used iMovie it seems good and easy enough to use.

As we are now wanting to produce our own instore (TV and You Tube) videos, will iMovie be good enough for what I need? Or should I look at investing other software?


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You will be able to achieve what you want on iMovie although I suspect your MacBook will make it an arduous task. For now your setup will allow you to create content until such a time you think it is worth an upgrade path. An iMac with either iMovie or Final Cut Pro will be a much nicer experience


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It might be worth trying open-source "Shortcut" - I know it available on Win and Linux; so maybe Mac also.
Search for the organisation.
I've not used it, but hear it has all the necessary effects - and being free and Open-Source, should be up-to-date eliminating bugs, etc.

Learning to Edit is not easy, so software with "tutorials" is a blessing.... many on YT are of variable quality - but with care you can find one that suits your needs.
Most folks "here" will be Win-users, so it's not easy to comment on Macs.

Hope that helps.


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