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Apologies if this question is a bit naive!

I have a Pioneer PD502 plasma and cannot afford to replace it (with a full 1080p jobbie and larger screen) for a year or so yet. I use it in conjunction with a Yamaha DSP-A1 which is great for audio connectivity but doesn't attempt to do video connectivity.

At the moment I'm struggling to connect everything I want up.

The PD502 has a single set of component video leads which are connected to a Digital Freeview PVR device.

I have an XBox 360 connected using PC input and am happy with the results (could detect no difference between using this and swapping the component video leads).

My problem is I have several other devices I need to connect but no way of doing so:

Toshiba XE1 - would like to use HDMI 1.3 cable if possible
Sony PS3 (not bought yet because of connetivity problems, but if there is an easy solution will purchase and would prefer HDMI connectivity)
DVD Player (currently being repaired but my only Region 1 player. High-end, usually connected via the component video cable that the PVR is currently using).

I guess I'm looking for some sort of video version of what the Yamaha amp does for sound, but which allows me to connect up HDMI devices and other component video and has a component video out cable (the best quality I can get with the Pioneer PD-502).

Is there such a device or am I screwed until I can afford a TV with HDMI inputs?

Thanks, in advance, for any advice/suggestions.


Basically I think you are 'screwed' :( as there are no boxes that can do what you want (well not legally anyway). If you feed an HDMI source into a video processor then (if set on the DVD disc etc) the HDCP (copy protection) will switch off any analogue outputs. This is done to prevent high quality copying. Therefore any device that outputs copright video via HDMI needs to be plugged into a display with an HDMI/DVI input.
If you can feed an analogue signal from all your sources then a video processor, such as the Lumagen HDP that I use, will not only switch all your sources but deinterlace & scale them giving better PQ on your plasma.


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Hello irascian

HDMI 1.3 - is a complete Red Herring in yours (and many other) systems. Even assuming you had a Display with HDMI connectivity the Display needs to be HDMI 1.3 compliant to make use of any of the features not found in an HDMI 1.1 or 1.2 connection; and until a new generation of Source and Display devices appear nothing current will fully embrace what HDMI 1.3 has on offer.

HDMI without HDCP - it is possible to outwit the HDCP encryption applied to most HDMI signals; there are black box's that will remove HDCP and output a Digital or Analogue signal if required.

Analogue HD - as far as I can see all of the devices on your wish list have the option (some using adapter cables) to Output an Analogue YPbPr HD signal - all you really require then is a suitable multi Input HD capable YUV switch.

The Zektor HDS4.1 is an ideal candidate - its a very high quality 1080p capable video switch. On top of which if you use its IIR™ (Intelligent Infra Red) learning mode it will sync seamlessly with your Audio Processor; so anytime you select a new Input on the Audio Processor the HDS4.1 will switch to the required Video Input.


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