Video Connections - AV Amp/Rec or JS Converter




I am considering buying a Panasonic PWD7 screen and am wondering which is the best way to connect various video inputs to the plasma. There is a lot of talk on this forum about the JS converters for plasma screens. Would an AV Amp/Rec with component out provide an adequate conversion for component, RGB SCART and S-Video inputs or would the JS convertor be far superior?

I currently own a Marantz SR 4200 Receiver but this only has S-Video inputs/outputs so am considering upgrading the Amp. The video inputs I have are a Pioneer 717 DVD player (unfortunately with no component out - I may upgrade the DVD player in the future) a Telewest digital box plugged into a Tivo (via RGB SCART), a PS2 (with S-Video cable) and a laptop (which could plug straight into the plasma via VGA).



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