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Hi guys just purchased a tablet and so im looking for any recommended programs to compress videos and movies. I have never done any compressing before so to be honest im not even sure how small a file u can make say a 2hr movie whilst keeping a good quality.

Any Help would be appreciated


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A 4.7gb DVD (which holds mpg 2 video) can be coverted to mp4 without much quality loss with a file size of about 1gb.

If you want to reduce the frame size this can be compressed still further.

There's a free program called 'handbrake' that a lot of people use to convert video for iPhones, iPads etc.


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There are a few steps, some applications are separate like ripping and compression then some are combined all in one.

Handbrake is the easy way to start off if not wanting to pay for anything, MakeMKV is also a free way of transferring DVD/BD to HDD for Handbrake to compress, but if you want an all in one which will do the job then DVDFab Ripper Suite (covers DVD/BD) is one to go with but is a commercial app.

Stick with mp4 as the output as that is natively supported by tablets so you wont need third party media players.

There are a lot of factors which affect how small a movie can go and retain image quality
* which preset is being used, In Handbrake for example Android preset would give lower image quality than high profile preset as HP uses more features of H.264 to retain image quality.

* most H.264 encoders use an encoding mode called constant quality, your effectively setting a quality bar and asking the encoder to stick to that no matter what, some movies as a result compress really well but others don't depending upon the source material. Most encoders use a CQ setting of 20, 18 is considered almost near identical to the original video, higher values will result in smaller files but I wouldn't go any higher than 23-24.

* some x264 encoders also offer further fine tuning for squeezing out the maximum quality, they offer content type presets like film, animation and encoding speed (only nightly builds of Handbrake expose this), you could set those that to Flim with to slow or slower to get a bit more out of the video at a cost of time of course.


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thanks a lot for the responses to be honest I think a one stop shop even if it means paying for it might be the best and quickest option for me. I basically want to fill up my micro SD cards with movies etc for when I travel.


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It's better to go with a fixed file size like 1GB per movie instead of constant quality where space is at a premium and drop the resolution if the video is HD.


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