Video capture - does this sort of thing exist?


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Dear all,

I am a trainee eye surgeon and want to get a device to capture video from the operating microscope. These tend to have standard S-video outputs. I know it's possible to use a digital camcorder, but I don't really need the lens etc as I just want to capture video from an external source. Does such a device exist with inputs, HDD and a screen to review?

Many thanks.


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you can get £10 USB based video capture units off eBay - depending on what you want to pay, they can capture upto DVD standards for video or higher for stills.


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I think the ideal thing would be a compact digital camcorder (like the Flip models) but with AV inputs as well as outputs. If it's small enough I could leave it in my bag and have it available when required.


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Av inputs exist on mid range MiniDv or D8 tape models of old , and some HDV models like Canon HV30 unless you want to try
this sort of thing ( without the camera)

What you are actually after is In short a mini PVR
Might just float your boat
This is also interesting but seemingly unavailable but it exsts as per your query

In terms of actual "proper" camorders I dont think any of the current consumer camcorder models have it; TBH, especially the SD card or HDD models
Some mid range JVC Everios may have it too but the EU levy on Recording devices mean that many camcorders capable of recording from a ource dnt get here
Even mic in is a rarity and the smaller flip type devices are less likely to feature as it adds to cost of production

Also many that do may not have s-video in, but AV

It would help if in reading my post earlier you replied that AV-in from your microscope rather than a lens attachment was what you were after, not so much an imaging device but a recorder

I get the impression you read and simply ignored it:rolleyes: ( I have deleted it at any rate) . Was trying to be helpful
Anyway good luck in your search if the mustek device isnt what you want
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Your original post was helpful, as is your most recent one! Many thanks.

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