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HI, I have a Panasonic NV-DS8 camera that I have just unearthed. What do I need so that I can get footage from that to my Mac? The camera has a 4 pin
s-video connection.
Any advice would be appreciated




There are not many places with any info of the Panasonic NV-DS8 that I could find online, but I think it is a miniDV camcorder and therefore you need to connect it to a PC or Mac via firewire to get the best possible quality capture.



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I'm guessing you might mean model NVD S88? Which is, as Mark suggests, and early MiniDV model.
To transfer the contents of your tapes without any loss of quality, use the 'iLink' connection on the front of the camcorder, rather than trying to 'capture' using the S video connection (where you will need a separate analogue 'capture' device of some sort, and you will lose some quality)

'iLink' is more commonly known as 'Firewire' . You may already have a Firewire conection on your mac?

I think you'll find the camcorder will need a 4 way Firewire connection. Not sure about the mac end?....maybe 4 - or more likely 6 pin.
You'll need an appropriate Firewire cable to connect the two.

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