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This may be the wrong place - but perhaps someone could help?
I want to make a video call to my parents... we both have webcams set up and working on our own PCs.
I did this a couple of years ago, very simply, with NetMeeting - to someone else's PC.
My parents have just got their webcam - so we thought it would be great to "see" each other (well I think they really want to see their Grandchildren).
Netmeeting won't let me do this now - I'm that all I did before was to enter the correct IP address and that was that...
So... can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong; what I should be doing; or if there's an easier / better way to do this.



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If you have broadband connections and firewalls you could be in trouble. Try MSN Messenger 6.1 which is a later version of the software, and has some workarounds to get video working behind firewalls.


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You could try a voice chat program like you can use your cam with it also but it updates slow. Its free but with ads and pop ups. You also only get moving cams on one on one calls.

Im sure there are third party cam software that will let you connect directly to each other, jsut cant think of any off the top or me head.


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We use MSN Messenger.
Have a hardware firewall in the router and software firewall on the PC (Zonealarm) and it works fine.


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Are you using the latest version - 6.1?

IIRC, there's an issue with audio but there are workarounds...:confused:


my brother and I were using the previous version of messenger (4.7 or something) and it worked fine. We both have broadband, and routers.

we upgraded to 6.1 and have tried for ages to get it working. We can get the video to work but get no audio. Tried all the patches and downloads - no joy.

Eventually we both installed this thing called realtunnel, and it finally worked. However although 6.1 is slicker than 4.7 (nicer interface, re-sizable display etc) the video is noticeably poorer - maybe 2 to 3 fps rather than 10 - 20 with 4.7. So we've gone back to 4.7.

If you search for messenger & audio problems on google you get about 100,000 matches - good old Microsoft !



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I think it's something to do with Microsoft's non-standard implementation of PNP.
Or something like that.

I actually prefer Yahoo Messenger but everyone we know uses MSN so had to change to that...

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