Video cable splitting causing green lines

Hello, I wondered if anyone knew of a solution to this (if any - preferably using my existing equipment)

At the moment I have my desktop output to 2 Samsung monitors (both by DVI) ... I then wanted to connect up my computer to the tv (LE37C530) unfortunately the video card I have - Nvidia 560Ti only supports 2 outputs at a time ....

I decided to buy a dvi splitter cable from Amazon for £3 ( I assume this was my problem)

Anyway, the tv gets green lines across it whenever the computer is off or when I look at some black image .... but it doesn't happen when I'm watching a film and its dark ... only in the letterbox border

I've tried connecting the tv up seperatly, and no green lines .... and I've tried connecting it to the other half of the splitter but I still get them.

It's odd because the monitor that's connected to the other half doesn't get them ever.

If you can think of a way I can solve this I would appreciate it :)

Also on a side note, if I turn off the monitor that is connected to the splitter as well but keep the tv on ... the tv seems to lose the source, it will keep switching between the desktop and ''no source detected''

Thanks again

edit - here's a picture of what I mean ... 10.29.12.jpg
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These splitter are, I am afraid, junk.
The be cheapest way would be to fit another graphics card - you should be able to pick up a basic card card for under £40 with HDMI.
This will, of course, depend on what you want to use it for. A GTX520 will do for playing video or standard desktop use but not for gaming.
Thanks for the reply

Yea I had a feeling it would be the splitter and that they were awful. I've taken a look at that GTX520 doesn't look bad for the price.

It is probably only going to be used for tv/film playback and things like that ... but I was planning on getting a new tv aswell, and it's so tempting to make my set up a triple monitor with an additional TV ... which means I'd need something more powerful.

Bah, hard decisions. Only £140 for another 560Ti ... but that's still £110 more than I 'could' spend.

Anyone had any experience with BF3 in triple monitor? (Sorry this is going off topic a little)

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