Video & Audio Quality IGP i3/i5 or Discrete HD5450


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I'd like to shrink/silence my big HTPC to a mini-ITX box such as the HFX micro M2 or Tranquil PC ixL.

I currently use a low profile Radeon HD 5450 (with PowerDVD/Win7 Media Centre) to my Denon 2310 surround amp. The hdmi video quality and bitstreaming audio quality are fantastic!

From what I've read on the web the i3 video quality has had mixed opinions.

If I use the i3 for video, I can use the PCI-e for a Dual HD tuner Blackgold BGT3620.

If I use the PCI-e slot for my HD 5450 then I'll have to get 2x PCTV T2 290e.

As far as I know a you cant get 2x PCI-e on an ITX m/b or ITX case.

Any thoughts on what I should do?


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anyone have any thoughts on i3 vs HD5450 video quality?
if not, I'll have to just buy and see.


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thats a real shame


If you can fit a 5450 they run ok, got a MSI 5450 and idles at 40 degrees. I've had problems with onboard Nvidia (keeps on disabling secondary TV when switches off) ATI keeps it enabled.


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That means I should get 2x PCTV T2 290e for freeview HD
...or go for mATX instead of mITX for 2x PCI-e slots


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I don't think the i3 issues are as bad as the rumors indicate. I have to really look for the 24hz issue. It can bitstream fine too AFAIK


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I've since read around the web of a few other reviews and accounts of the video quality and its generally found to be very good.

I really like the idea of a tiny/silent combination of HFX micro M2, i3, SSD, Blackgold BGT3620.

If it doesn't work out, I could use the PC somewhere else.


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I'm convinced
will report back

Stephen Neal

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My understanding is that the Clarkdale i3/i5/i7 are fine bitstreaming HD Audio (though you may need to check that the Blu-ray playing solution you pick is compatible - PDVD/WinDVD/TMT)

However Intel still haven't fixed the woeful lack of 23.976Hz refresh rate support. This means that one frame every 40 seconds or so is repeated as 23.976Hz (almost everything called 1080p or 24p) is output at 24Hz and the repeated frame is needed to keep audio and video in sync.

Whether you notice this or not is a subjective thing. You won't see it on static content - but it is VERY obvious to me on moving stuff - and so I've had to steer clear of the i3 - even though it's a brilliant solution in pretty much every other way.

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