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Video and PC levels - which players use what?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Peter Parker, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    I was checking my projectors contrast ratio the other day, and I had to set the white and black levels of the two software players I'm currently using as I'd just upgraded the htpc and reinstalled everything.

    Anyway, I found that I could get a slightly better contrast ratio outr of PowerDVD 6 than WinDVD6 when settings were correct - I'd used the light meter to find the best white and black levels of each player whilst using Avia needle pulse test, but found that with WinDVD 6, I couldn't keep those best settings simultaneously, whereas PDVD6 would.

    So that makes me wonder what player is using what with respect to the overlay - is PDVD6 using overlay and WDVD6 using VMR perhaps? Does anyone knos how either player implements the video with respect to PC levels?

    visualy I can't see any issues with the playback on either, and I apear to be able to get BTB and WTW if I want to, so if anyone knows for sure what each player is doing, I'd appreciate it. :)



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