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Video 7 32" LCD £624 - Yay or Nay



Hey guys,

After sending my Haier 30" LCD TV back to ebuyer i have recieved a refund for it, question is what do i go for now, I still wish to get an LCD TV but there are soooooooo many out there what do i chose?

I have found a 32" Video7 LCD on amazon for an extrodinary £624 + delivery, any opinions on this one??

Video 7 32"

I'm open to suggestions and have around £700 to spend would like to know the best i can get form that money around the 28-32" mark.



I've done the same thing as you, got my refund for the Haier set and I've been looking for an equivalent for a couple of weeks now.

I've reached the point where it seems that the 32" Samsung is the best bang for your buck. I've been to check out some screens in my local dixons and pc world, and the Samsung is clearly the nicest looking, both in terms of PQ and design.

I've always been one to go with the underdog and try to get myself a bargin, but i think in this case, spending £700+ for an almost good panel is false economy when you need to shell out 150 notes more for the one you really want. It makes sense to me, otherwise in 12 months time, you'll be kicking yourself for not getting the right one.

You could look at the relisys 32" at micro direct for £750ish, nice looking set, response time of 18ms tho...

You could also look at the LEXSOR 32" at QED for £660ish, again - nice looking but the response time is also "<20ms" (info direct from manufacturer)

It just seems to me that going for the budget option, when even that costs you several hundred pounds, will be an expensive dissapointment.

I guess it depends what you want it for. Just my 2 pence.

But, if there's anyone out there with a 'budget' screen that they're happy with, i'm up for heaing about it too! :)


thanks for that reply, What sort of reputation does video7 have for reliability? The tv has a 2 year pick up warranty so i consider this to be a good selling point, however just wondering if anyone here has had any problems with them.


Amazon have a 1 to 2 weeks dispatch on this tv. When you place the order do they take the money straight away or when they actually dispatch the item.


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had a confirmation e mail states that the contract of sale isn't till e mail is sent confirming despatch, on that i'd presume its not till then that the money is taken.


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Chipps said:
i think in this case, spending £700+ for an almost good panel is false economy
It's just under £650 including delivery. Any information to justify classing it as an "almost good panel", rather than an "unknown quality panel"? The quoted 8ms refresh rate suggests it's fairly recent technology, but I don't think we can judge PQ until someone's seen one running.

I'm also interested to know if it can do native resolution via digital input (I don't think the Samsung does), and what the noise is like (fans/buzzing).


Anyone here have any experience of the Amazon customer service if a product develops a fault and has to be returned. How easy or hard is it?

I am tempted by this tv but would like to know how good or bad the customer service is in case things go wrong.


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looking at the terms and conditions it looks like amazon have a 14 day money back gaurantee as long as the item is in good condition, so in theory you can buy it and try it then send it back if it is rubbish.

I bought the same Haier telly off ebuyer a couple of months ago and mine too has started to play up. The problem sounds similar to yours but is really inconsistent. Sometimes it works fine for days but on other occasions after about 10 minutes of use the picture breaks up and sends crazy green horizontal lines up the screen. Whilst I wish it would just go away so I don't have to face the stress of ebuyers returns policy I think it is going to have to go back. - How much effort/stress was involved in getting a refund out of ebuyer and did you have to send yours back to them or did they collect it? I'm worried as stupidly I threw out the box. Any info appreciated

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