VIDAA 4.0 OS upgrade on existing models in Q1 2020 !


Hisense said they will upgrade current models too wth VIDAA 4.0 OS in Q1 2020.

The 4.0 Vidaa will come in 2020 to existing TVs and be pre-installed on all new Hisense TVs.

Did Hisense in Europe upgraded older televisions to VIDAA 3.0 in the past ? Do they have good history of upgrading the OS of their TVs ?

Does anyone know more information ?

Thank you in advance


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Can you give details about the bugs ?
My 3 week old H55B7500UK has had numerous issues

Sound goes echoey so have to do a soft reset (happened 4 times)

TV freezes up when playing files from nas and have to do a hard reset (happened 3 times)

Thankfully I have a 6 year warranty with richersounds which I can see me making a lot of use of.

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