Viability of DIY HDR display calibration on a budget


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Hello everyone
In short
what's viability of doing HDR calibration by your self on a budget, without expensive pattern generator, and with cheap colorimeter?

More in depth
I had pretty good success rate of calibrating BT 709 color space screens with used 70GBP colorimeter and pattern generator built into calman (on windows 7 pc with nVidia GPU set to YCbCr444 color mode), I'll attach colorcheck screenshot of my Panasonic G30 plasma, I head it checked by a professional and measurements where less than 0.5 divination from my own.
I have space for only one screen and it needs to pull PC monitor duties so I don't have any experience with HDR, but I think new 42'' oleds are about to change that and I would like to calibrate one in both SDR and HDR modes. I'll need to get a new colorimeter too since my old one isn't compatible with windows 10 so any recommendations are welcome. My question is if it's possible to calibrate HDR mode without expensive pattern generator (they are impossible to find for reasonable price even on the used market)?


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